An IEP Education

Who are IEP?

International Education Partnership (IEP) is an educational group based in Spain. More than 5,000 students study in our classrooms across the country. Sharing educational experiences, pedagogical resources and good practice among the different IEP schools and teachers, is one of the great advantages of belonging to an educational group. Our students can benefit from a dynamic learning process that is constantly improving. We are better together.

IEP Students

IEP students are confident communicators in English, Spanish and other languages. They are able to work collaboratively and with the intercultural skills to flourish in the interconnected world. IEP students are independent thinkers who are able to innovate, think critically and make connections to solve problems. IEP students are socially responsible, with respect for each other, the community and the world. IEP students are ready for the future with the resilience and academic, digital and emotional skills to keep learning throughout their lives.

IEP Schools

IEP schools are happy and safe environments where teachers can teach and learners can learn. We help children and young people discover and develop their interests and talents so that they can lead fulfilled lives.

IEP Teaching and Learning

Active participation and thinking is at the heart of learning. We use modern methodologies to engage children in their learning through questioning and exploration. Teachers know how every learner is progressing, so they can plan and give each child the support they need to help them reach their potential. Learning continues outside the classroom with a rich offer of extra-curricular activities.

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